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We do not have all our cool stuff online, but Mr Phister has the warehouse packed with
all sorts of antique shipping horns.  He even tested a Boeing 747 for it's horns.
We will ask him, if he would like to share his collection here. He might even want to sell some of it.



Meet José the telepathic chili bean. (brother of the recently deceased Pedro) José has, just like his late brother, telepathic abilities. Connection only established with "human beans"

José Telepathic Bean NB: longer delivery time!

Classic Kockums Supertyfon Shipping Horn. Copper and brass. This classic horn is no longer in production and not for sale, but we have a small collection. Sounds better with the new Kockums membrane.

Kockums Supertyfon Delivery time: 2-4 Work Days

Does an airplane have a horn? We checked the horn of a Boeing 747 and the anwser is YES!

Boeing 747 Horn NB: longer delivery time!

Big wooden box that makes noise. The Norwegian Pattern Rotary Fog Horn. By turning the handle on the side it fills up with air and starts producing sound.

Norwegian Pattern Fog Horn NB: longer delivery time!

Brass Maritime Gong. Ø500mm Ship Gong with beat hammer. To be used as alternative for shipping horn and/or bell.

Brass Ship Gong Delivery time: 2-4 Work Days
34,00 38,50

Chrome Bell for 12v vehicles. Note: 1 push on button = 1 ring

12v Chrome Bell Delivery time: 2-4 Work Days

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