José Telepathic Bean

Meet José the telepathic chili bean. (brother of the recently deceased Pedro) José has, just like his late brother, telepathic abilities. Connection only established with "human beans"

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Meet José the telepathic chili bean!


José is the brother of the recently deceased Pedro. (R.I.P. Heemstede, 4th of november 2016) 
José, just like his late brother, has telepathic abilities.
Telepathic connection is only established with very rare and special humans. These humans are also known as "Human Beans".

When in danger, or pain; José produces a very loud anoying sound.
When traveling in company of beautiful women, José plays Flamenco music
Please note: this sound is only heard by Human Beans.

Delivery includes

- José the Telepathic bean
-  1x Grid for José's relaxing Jar
- 1x José's relaxing Jar (Keeps José from running away)
- 1x special friend for José