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Hadley Lanyard Valve (US)

Hadley H00755NS Horn mount lanyard valve
Hadley Lanyard Valve (US)
The H00755NS is the lanyard valve that can be directly screwed into Hadley air horns with a 7//16"-24 threaded inlet. The valve includes a tighten fitting for 1/4" size air tube.

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2-4 work days

€ 35,50
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Lanyard Valve US-Thread H00755NS

The only classic way to make noise with your Hadley air horns. Just pull to
open the airflow. This lanyard valve that can be screwed directley into Hadley
horns with a 7/16"-24 threaded inlet.
The air inlet on this valve is fitted for 1/4" (US) size air tube. The tighten fitting
is included.

Classic Hadley Lanyard Valve product information

Material ABS, metal  
Inlet tubing Ø1/4"  
Thread 7/16"-24UNF  
Hadley code H00755NS  

Delivery includes

- Hadley lanyard valve

Please note:
Always check the marking, next to the air inlet, on the Hadley horn; it
should say "7/16". Horns marked with "M12" are not compatible with this valve.