Hadley Manual Remote Lanyard Valve H00755VE
Hadley Remote Lanyard Valve (US)

The H00755VE; the lanyard that can be installed remotely from your airhorns. The valve includes tighten fittings for 1/4" size air tube.

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Lanyard Valve Hadley H00755VE US-Thread

The only classic way to make noise with your Hadley air horns.
Just pull to open the airflow. This lanyard valve can remotely installed
in the cab of your truck. Both ends (inlet - outlet) are threaded with
7/16"-24 UNF to combine with the tighten fittings for 1/4" (US) size air tube.

Remote Valve Hadley Product information

Material ABS, metal  
Inlet tubing Ø1/4"  
Threading 7/16"-24UNF  
Hadley code H00755VE  

Delivery includes

- Hadley Remote Lanyard Valve