Adaptor for Classic Kockum Tyfon

Special coupling for the classic Kockum Air Tyfon. This coupling fits in the classic membrane housing of older types Kockum Air horns. Male 7/8"-14UNF - Female 3/8" BSP.

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Kockum Sonics classic Membrane Housing

Special coupling/adaptor for older types Kockums' membrane Housings.

We made these adapters especially for the older types of Kockums air horns.
Also known as "Supertyfon". (This is written on the back of the housing)

The Supertyfon is also listed on our Other Cool Stuff page.

The thread of the inlet on these older membrane housings are different from the new ones.
This coupling will make it easier for you to supply the Supertyfon with air.

On the back of these membrane housings you'll find the the writing:

See the second picture for a better view.

Thread of the coupling is as following:
Male: 7/8"-14 UNF (into membrane housing)
Female: 3/8" BSP (inlet for air supply)

Please note:
- membrane housing is NOT included.
- New diaphragms/membranes are available also, but will cost approx. €115,00.
- Always check if the membrane still works with an air pistol/blow gun.
- A new membrane does not always guarantee the complete set will work properly.
- If the complete housing with horn doesn't sound good, we advise to use a complete new membrane housing.