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Kockums Supertyfon

Kockums Supertyfon

Classic Kockums Supertyfon Shipping Horn. Copper and brass. This classic horn is no longer in production and not for sale, but we have a small collection. Sounds better with the new Kockums membrane.

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Kockums Supertyfon


The classic Kockums Super Tyfon. TA 75/265

75 stands for: Vessels up to 75 meter
265 stands for: a frequency of 265 Hz.

A solid copper air horn with brass membrane house.
Although the horn looks more original with the old membrane housing. It sure sounds a lot better when using the new membrane housings from the Kockum company. In the video you will find Mr Phister testing this combination.

This classic Kockum's air whistle horn is no longer in production.
However we have a small collection, but they are not for sale, that's why it is so expensive... ;-)
...However; if you are seriously interested, just send us an e-mail.