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What noise are you looking for?
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What noise are you looking for?
Are you prepared for the Tour the France:
FIAMM Tour Horn

Our Best Sellers


FIAMM TA150 Stainless Steel Truck Horn (62cm). The low tone version of the FIAMM exterior truck horns. Often combined with the high tone TA180.

FIAMM TA150 Truck Horn Delivery time: 3-5 work days

The original FIAMM Tourhorn Tripple toned air horn. Mostly used in the cars used by professional cycling teams. commonly known as the Tour Horn.

Fiamm Tour Horn 12v Delivery time: 2-4 Work Days

The longest of the Hadley Truck-horn-family is this 95cm long air horn. The 868 has a beautiful low sound. The Hadley 868ECE has a European approval.

Hadley 868 ECE Low Tone Truck Horn Delivery time: 2-4 Work Days

Round bell double air horn kit. Combination of both the 19"/48cm and 22"/56cm Hadley truck horns. Set comes together with lanyard valve and tubing.

Hadley H00889 ECE Truck Horn Set Delivery time: 2-4 Work Days

La Cucaracha 12v melody horn. Compressor and air horn set playing melody from La Cucaracha. Musical air horns for 12v vehicles. Horns with the melody of La Cucaracha.

La Cucaracha 12v NB: longer delivery time!

Noise is music to our ears

15 years experience 15 years of experience in air horns
World Wide Shipping Horns delivered with FedEx and DPD
Air horns from stock Fiamm, Hadley, DHR and Kockums from stock

About Eurohorns

We are all about making noise.

We specialized ourselves in professional noise making.
We know allmost all there is to know about truck horns, car horns, sirens, marine horns, and other acoustic devices.
We only sell professional brands such as Hadley, Fiamm, DHR, Kockum Sonics and Ecoblast.
We maintain our own stock and can therefore dispatch your horns within 24 hours.