Kockum MKT 75 350Hz

High quality ship horn MKT-75/350 made by Kockum Sonics. Pervasive sound with 350Hz tenor tone. Suitable for small vessels from 20m up to 75m length.

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Kockum MKT 75 350Hz

It's the tenor tone maritime air horn of Kockum's MKT-75 serie. 
Suitable for small vessels from 20m up to a total length 75m.
The Swedish company Kockum Sonics is manifacturing signalhorns
for over 80 years now. They gained international acknowledgment
due to their quality of sound and resistence tothe weather.
Furthermore, they meet the IMO regulations.

Marinehorn tenor tone MKT-75

please find the pdf-brochure in "Attachments"

Material brass (housing), ABS (horn)
Length 43,5cm
Diameter trumpet (Ø) 20,2cm
Sound pressure (1m) 130dB
Frequency 350Hz
Air consumption 8l/s - 10l/s
Pressure 3bar - 4,5bar
Kockum Sonics code 32170867
IMO Regulations yes

Delivery includes

- Kockum Sonics air horn MKT-75/350

Please note:
For this air horn you will need a separate compressor for air supply.