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12v Brass Bell

12v brass bell or Tram Bell for cars and boats
12v Brass Bell
Brass Bell made to fit and sound in 12v vehicles such as cars, mopeds/scooters, and boats. Often also referred to as a tram bell. Note: 1 push on button = 1 ring

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Default delivery time

2-4 Work Days

€ 39,50
Price per unit

12v Brass Bell


Rings like a bell...., because it is one.
Often also referred to as a tram bell. This brass bell operates
on 12v vehicles. Of course not an officially liscensed accoustic
product for road legal vehicles, but hey, it sounds like fun!
"+" en "-" terminals are placed at the bottom. The bell is activated
by a 12v signal (don't hold the button down longer than 3 seconds).

Product information Tram bell

Material brass
Height 12cm
Diameter (Ø) 11,7cm
Voltage 12V

Delivery includes

- Brass bell

Please note:
This bell is not traffic bell, which is permitted by traffic regulations!