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Home 12v/no air Fiamm Chrome Set 12v

Fiamm Chrome Set 12v

FIAMM Double Air Horn set M4 TA2 chrome Metal
Fiamm Chrome Set 12v

Fiamm chromated double air horn set. The M4/TA2-M 12v air horn kit with compressor. An effective air horn with chromated steel horns for 12v vehicles.

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Fiamm Chrome Set 12v


The Fiamm M4/TA2-M sounds almost the same as the regular red and blue sets.
It looks nicer. This set comes with a 12v Fiamm M4 compressor, tubing, splitter,
relais and two chromated steel air horns.

Product information M4/TA2-M Kit

please find the pdf-brochure in "Attachments"
Set content 2x chrom horns, 1x compressor
Material aluminium, steel
Length 21,2cm & 15,2cm
Diameter trumpets (Ø) 7cm
Measures compressor 10,4cm x 7,7cm ; Ø6,9cm
Sound pressure (2m) 116dB
Frequencies 622Hz & 788Hz
Voltage 12V
Ampere 17A
Fiamm code 921985
Registrations 10ECE

Delivery includes

- Fiamm M4/TA2-M-Set:
  2x chrome horns
  1x M4 compressor
- 1x tubing
- 1x splitter
- 1x relais